The notice has gone out from Church World Service and the United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR) about changes to the School Kit and Health Kit. To clear up any questions about kits churches plan to bring to the Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Chatham, Ill,, MMDC has sent this explanation.

The Health Kits that you bring to MMDC can still have the toothpaste included BUT PLEASE check the expiration date and be certain that it is at least one year in the future. The Midwest Mission Distribution Center can not predict how quickly the kits will be needed.

Kits that go to the UMCOR Depot will NOT include a tube of toothpaste, but in its place please include a dollar to purchase fresh toothpaste when it is ready to be shipped out.

There were 2,358 Health Kits included in the 34,063 pounds of donations on the container that MMDC sent to Liberia on Oct. 16. Another 1,500 will soon be sent to a medical clinic in Honduras.
The School Kit (in the two handled bag) that can go to UMCOR if they request them, also has a change. It will no longer need to have construction paper included. It has been decided that an extra notebook or package of notebook paper will be more helpful to the students. So that means this kit will have three notebooks, or packages of notebook paper, now, but no construction paper.

We realize it will take time for everyone to become aware of these changes, but please help us by forwarding this information to the people you know who are involved with kit making.

As always, if you have any questions you may contact MMDC at 217-483-7911 or