WASHINGTON (NCC) - To commemorate Thanksgiving, the National Council of Churches' Eco-Justice Program based in Washington, D.C., will be accepting prayers for our nation's farmers through a "Thanksgiving Prayer Offering" lasting through Dec. 15.

People of faith are encouraged to submit prayers, which will be collected in a Web-based anthology to highlight the connection between the food we eat and the farmers who plant, grow, and harvest God's gracious bounty.

"In order to be truly thankful for the food that God provides, we must be aware and acknowledge all of the hands and processes involved as it finds its way to our table," says Cassandra Carmichael, director of the NCC Eco-Justice Program.

"Farmers, farm workers, and rural communities as well as the rest of God's creation - water, air and soil - deserve our thanks as we sit down with family and friends this Thanksgiving season."

Prayers can be submitted online at www.nccecojustice.org/thanksgivingcontest.html.