United Methodist Communications DVD titled Baptism in The United Methodist Church is worth considering for confirmation and new member classes or for a class on baptism.

The DVD is divided into five segments, depending on its use and audience. The five segments are titled:

  1. Baptism: Personal Stories (all ages) 8½ minutes
    Two bishops remember their baptism in the faith.

  2. Why Do We Baptize? (adults) 12½ minutes
    Baptism is like being born all over and a primary means of receiving God's grace.

  3. How Do We Baptize? (adults) 10 minutes
    This segment considers each step of the baptism liturgy.

  4. Baptism for Youth (ages 12 to 18 years) 13 minutes
    This is one of the weakest segments of the DVD. Still shots are used of Jordan River. There are no youth in the segment. Most of the segment is a speaker talking about baptism. One can take the words of this segment and talk with a youth group rather than showing the DVD.

  5. Baptism for Children (ages 9 to 11 years) 11 minutes
    This is a very good segment done with a woman's voice and said in words kids would understand.

The DVD also considers the practices of baptism over time; why we should use more water instead of less water; why Jesus' baptism was about more than forgiveness; and why there is no preferred age for baptism.

Overall, even with one weak segment, this is a good DVD to have in a church media resource center. It has a shelf-life of several years.

Baptism in The United Methodist Church is available from www.ecufilm.org. Search for Wesley/UM item 6294 or order by calling toll-free 800-251-4091. United Methodist share EcuFilm with nine other Protestant denominations. It is based at United Methodist Communications in Nashville, Tenn.