Cheered by those who oppose the expansion of gambling and often feared by those who profit from that expansion, the Rev. Tom Grey will be speaking at both the North Indiana and South Indiana 2008 Annual Conference sessions.

Grey is known for his no nonsense presentation of the failure of gambling to deliver on its promises. For the past 15 years, Grey has been outspoken in his opposition to gambling.

He began his campaign against the expansion of legalized state-approved gambling in Illinois with the introduction of riverboats and has continued in 48 states and several foreign countries.

Grey is a retired United Methodist pastor now living on the west coast, who continues his traveling and speaking on behalf of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (NCALG).

He says gambling is not winning all or even the majority of the battles in the United States. He will outline the possibility of changing the direction of legalized gambling in Indiana.

Grey is scheduled to speak Friday morning, May 30, during the North Indiana Annual Conference session at Elliott Hall on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette. He also is scheduled to speak during the South Indiana Annual Conference session on Thursday morning June 5. Grey will address both annual conference session and speak during a noon luncheon following the session. Those wishing to attend the luncheon will need to purchase a luncheon reservation from their respective conference.