Disputes Fox's stats 

(Concerning the story about Dr. Eddie Fox in March issue,) First I will have to say, I know the four percent he refers to and worship with them every day of the week, not just on Sunday. But I would like to challenge the percent he refers to as "sharing faith" in The United Methodist church. I tend to believe he meant to say 96 percent of United Methodists share their faith. And by the way, it is "United Methodist." We are united in the Lord's work to spread His Word. We all know surveys have a tendency to be inaccurate and as I see it, this one is way off. Did it fire me up? Yes! As I am with my faith everyday. Our little church, Mineral UMC in Bloomfield, Ind., relates the message of faith, love and hope in oh so many ways. In fact this year and last year we put together a Lenten Devotional to SHARE OUR FAITH, with everyone we could reach out to.

We take care of our neighbors, friends and community with faith and hope based services. All the faith sharing ideas we need are in the Bible, the curriculum has already been written. Yes there are some who sit quietly in the pews and are less active "sharing" but they too, are living their faith in the lives they lead. We can't all be evangelists.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my faith, in response to article about Evangelist Eddie Fox.

Jeanine Mowery,
Evangelism Chairperson
Mineral UMC, Bloomfield, Ind.

Demolition in the West Bank

In response to the story about Caterpillar divestment (March 2008 issue), yes, it came up (during a General Board of Global Ministries study tour of the West Bank), and we saw Caterpillars everywhere. I have pictures of a home that was demolished and talked with a man whose home had been demolished. His brother's (house) had been demolished twice. An access road was built through the middle of their land that their family has owned for 300 years.

There are a number of resolutions going to (United Methodist) General Conference regarding Israel/Palestine. Resolution 292 has to do with Holy Land Tours. Resolution 323 calls on the United States, as permanent member of the UN Security Council, to accept the authority of Security Council resolutions, to refrain from vetoing resolutions and abide by Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338 as well as other relevant UN resolutions and International Court of Justice rulings.

More than 700 homes are demolished each year. The Israeli military uses Caterpillars to demolish them even before the belongings are out of the house. One man told us of running into the house ahead of a Caterpillar to snatch up and save his six-month-old daughter.

Another home I saw had belongings strewn around, with a single shoe sticking up out of the debris.

There are Israelis who are against the demolition of homes and have stood in front of the Caterpillars in defense of the Palestinian homeowners. They have formed a group called The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD). They, along with other Israelis and Palestinians, want a just peace for all.

Nancy Richmond, pastor
Lima/Scott UMC