By Jean Brindel, Capital Fund Team
North Indiana Outdoor Ministry Project

The Feasibility Study for the Epworth Forest Project of the Impact 2818 North Indiana Conference outdoor ministry program has been completed. The study was very positive, showing strong support for both the proposed Epworth Forest project and the entire camping ministry of the North Indiana Conference.

Like the any good study, it reports things we already know, things we need to know, identify growth and finally develop goals. To read the details of the project and the feasibility study, log onto, then click on "news" and then "April 2008."

The study revealed some things we already knew: Great things happen at church camp, like "spiritual awakening and commitment to ecclesiastical leadership, and even first dates." and "that Epworth Forest Camp and Conference Center at North Webster has been successful in spite of its facilities - that's how strong the quality of programming is perceived to be."

The study told us things we need to know, such as to be successful in raising funds for the Epworth Forest Project, the story of the ministry will need to be shared in effective, creative ways with the help of the local church and strong leadership. It is important to stay connected to those who have attended ministry events at the Impact 2818 sites, such as Epworth Forest.

Growth was identified: The Outdoor Ministry Resource Team has created an executive committee for governance of expansion and upgrading of the facilities of outdoor ministries sites such as Epworth Forest.

Finally, the study presents three levels of fundraising goals for the Epworth Forest Project for the next 24 months: the base goal of $10 million, a challenge goal of $15 million and a breakthrough goal of $22 million. This summer, the work will begin to share the story so that the $10 million goal will become a reality in the next 24 months.

Log onto the Web site ( click "News" and then "April 2008" and read the entire study. Begin to pray about how it is that you will be part of God's plan to continue the strong outdoor ministry that will touch the lives of future generations. Join in the commitment to "Doing everything it takes to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ."

Jean Brindel, CFRE, AFP, serves as senior pastor of Saint Matthew UMC in Frankfort, Ind.