Bishop Michael J. Coyner has announced the following changes within the Indiana Area. All dates effective 2008 unless otherwise noted. These appointments are based on Cabinet reports received by Indiana Area Communication during the month of January 2008.

North Indiana Conference

  • Andrews, Greg from Supply, Huntington to Local Pastor, Huntington, 1/1
  • Boggs, Tamara first appointment to Lowell, Calumet, 1/1
  • Bradford, Gregory from no appointment to Liberty Mills, Huntington, 1/1
  • Burke, Fred E. Jr. from no appointment to Alexandria Joyce Chapel, Marion, 11/25/07
  • Davis, Carl W. from New Waverly, Kokomo to Reynolds/Yeoman, Lafayette, 1/16
  • French, W. Edward from Liberty Mills to Retirement, 12/31/07
  • Inskeep, Dave from Reynolds/Yeoman, Lafayette to Stidham, Lafayette, 1/1
  • Johnson, Vera from Christ, Calumet to Fifth Ave., Calumet, 1/1
  • Nunemaker, Donald first appointment to Richland Center/Burton, Warsaw, 1/1
  • Reyes, Janie G. from Fort Wayne: Christ, Fort Wayne to Fort Wayne: Inglesia Cristiana, Fort Wayne, 1/1
  • Smith, Jeffrey from Jackson Hts./West Pt., Lafayette to West Point, Lafayette, 1/1
  • Stahlman, Chris from Fort Wayne: Taylor Chapel, Fort Wayne to Pleasantdale, Marion, 2/16
  • Tague, Chester from Romney, Lafayette to Romney and Jackson Heights, Lafayette, 1/1
  • Thornton, Joyce from Epworth, Marion to Epworth/Alexandria First, Marion, 1/1
  • Williams, Darren from Pleasantdale, Marion to Brushwood, Calumet, 2/1
  • Williams, Keith A. from no appointment to Eaton, Muncie, 1/1/

South Indiana Conference

  • Brinegar, Raymond from Bedford: Grace, Bloomington to retirement, 1/15
  • Buttery, Wendy from no appointment to Greens Fork, Rushville, 9/1/07
  • Kirts, Robert from Leesville, Bloomington to Bedford: Grace, Bloomington, 1/15
  • Modlin, Mary Jane from no appointment to Conners: New Life, Rushville, 8/1/07
  • Pelc, Charles M. from Benson Chapel, Lafayette, North Indiana Conference to New Hope, New Albany, 2/1
  • Reynolds, Hugh W. from Tunnelton: Bono/Tunnelton, Bloomington to no appointment, 11/30 /07
  • Skiba, Ann Elaine from no appointment to Nobles Chapel, Evansville, 12/1/07
  • Stiles, Kevin from Indianapolis: Cumberland, Indianapolis East to Shirley-Wilkinson Community, Rushville, 1/15
  • Taylor, Seth from Rushville: Wesley, Rushville to no appointment, 12/31/07
  • Underwood, Harold E. from Clarks: Ohio Falls, New Albany to no appointment, 1/1
  • Walker, Ronald Dean from Columbus: Asbury, Columbus to Leave of Absence, 1/31