By Jean Brindel, Capital Fund Team
North Indiana Outdoor Ministry Project

God works in ways that are wondrous to us. A case in point is the Henderson Settlement, a community outreach mission agency of The United Methodist Church in the Red Bird Missionary Conference based near Frakes, Ky.

I have learned that Henderson Settlement is struggling financially. The settlement is even having problems making payroll. So, any of you who love Henderson Settlement and have not given lately to this important mission, this is the time.

In my work as the chairperson of the North Indiana Conference Capital Fund Team for the Epworth Forest Project, I work with the fundraising consulting firm of Cargill - Doug Morrow. The firm also works with the Henderson Settlement, a very important United Methodist mission of the North Indiana Conference.

Doug Morrow and I were visiting the other day, talking about this and that and he mentioned to me that he was working with Henderson Settlement and wondered if I'd ever heard of it. Well, hello! This IS North Indiana and most United Methodists here have either taken a mission trip there, sent money or supported the settlement in other ways. North Indiana hearts pump blood to missions and one of the major veins is Henderson Settlement.

He then told me about the financial problems the Henderson Settlement is currently experiencing. The new director, Mark Lemons, struggles with cash flow and short fall issues and needs our help. If you or your church have been thinking about sending missions monies to the Henderson Settlement, this is the time. This would be a great Lent or Easter mission project.

Donations can be made online at, directly to Henderson Settlement, P.O. Box 205, Frakes, KY 40940, by credit card by calling the Advance Special office in New York City toll-free at 888-252-6174, or through your North Indiana local church using the Henderson Settlement Advance project number 10901. With Advance Special giving, 100 percent of gifts will go to the ministry chosen. No exceptions.

It's great to be a United Methodist. We are connected to help build the kingdom of God - to be the church making a difference in the world. Who would have thought that a meeting about building Epworth Forest would end up being about Henderson Settlement, a major mission site dear to our hearts? So this month, this viewpoint about the needs for the Project at Epworth Forest at North Webster is a word about Henderson Settlement - God works in mysterious ways, wonders to perform.

Jean Brindel, CFRE, AFP, serves as senior pastor of Saint Mathhew United Methodist Church in Frankfort, Ind.