ANDERSON, Ind. - At the close of 2007, The Herald Bulletin named the Rev. Reginald Lee as Anderson's Person of the Year.

Lee is senior pastor of the New Hope United Methodist Church in Anderson and directs the West Side Hope Community Development Corporation.

The Person of the Year honor is given to someone the editorial board feels has made a positive effect on the Madison County area in the past year, according to the newspaper's story.

The Herald Bulletin reported that "Lee was in the forefront on several progressive programs including starting an ex-offender reentry program, helping at-risk youths gain trade skills and initiating a pre-school and day care for low-income families."

The newspaper gave The Woodall House, at 14th Street and Madison Avenue, as an example of Lee's collaborative work in the community. The house is home a faith-based skills training program for ex-offenders. Lee was given credit for leading the way for forward-thinking projects.

The community development corporation also made progressive steps with its new Bishop Woodie W. White Family Life Center located at 13th and Hendricks streets. Beginning this coming August the center also will serve as a day care, preschool for low-income families and offer some adult learning classes such as technology and a culinary school.

Planning for the future, the development corporation hopes to purchase land across the street from the center to build low-cost senior housing.