As many of you know, I was diagnosed with a heart condition. Feb. 1 was GO RED DAY sponsored by the Heart Association. Heart Disease is now the # 1 killer of women. A number of you have had heart-related diseases, have had by-pass surgery, and one of you has actually had a heart transplant. To those of you touched by this, whether having gone through heart disease or lost someone to it or suffers through it with someone, think of this month. How many Valentines will be sent out for Valentine's Day? Ponder about the "heart-relations" you have with the special people in your life. Let us pray for our best health, the strength from one another that we can give and the love of God that transcends all "heart-related" maladies, while healing us in love and joy for love and joy are heart-related too.

You are part of a red-letter day and month. I'm wearing red to honor my sisters that share similar issues, as well as for the men who do too.

May God be with us this February.

Char Harris Allen
Walkerton, Ind.