By Carolyn Maxey

Plans are underway to create one organization of United Methodist Women of the new Indiana Conference. Unlike the church that became united as one Indiana Conference on Oct. 4, the United Methodist Women's organizations will continue to operate as two entities until October 2009.

Although Indiana Area United Methodist Women will function as two separate entities for 2009, plans are underway to embrace the union as one organization of United Methodist Women. The celebration begins at the 2009 Annual Conference of the church when United Methodist Women from across Indiana will share a meal on Thursday evening June 25 at Ball State University as together they celebrate the legacy of 140 years of women in mission. Watch for registration information.

Harriett Olson, Deputy Secretary of the Women's Division will be the guest speaker at the organizational meeting of United Methodist Women of Indiana on Saturday Oct. 17 at Zionsville United Methodist Church in Zionsville, Ind.

The dates selected for the first School of Christian Mission as United Methodist Women of the new Indiana Conference are July 12-16, 2010 at the University of Indianapolis.

The Steering Committee of the two Indiana conferences of United Methodist Women is laying the groundwork for the new organization of United Methodist Women of Indiana. Following the guidelines of the United Methodist Women's organization, representatives from both conferences are working together to create one conference of United Methodist Women in Indiana who will continue the legacy of mission predominately to women, children and youth that began 140 years ago.

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Carolyn Maxey serves as the communication coordinator of the North Indiana United Methodist Women.