When we select our Indiana delegates to the 2016 General Conference, let us prayerfully choose delegates who are so brimming with love for the world that they work diligently to feed the hungry (especially those with Operation Classroom connections, stricken with the devastation of Ebola). Select delegates who so love the world that they work to secure education for youth at Africa University and here at home. Select delegates so filled with love for neighbors that they pray and work to transform churches to fruitful congregations; delegates so eager to love others that they listen with their hearts and work with others to accomplish remarkably loving acts. Choose delegates who seek, welcome and value all people, and who do not aim to exclude anyone from the joys of God’s kingdom. Choose delegates who refuse to judge, who seek to understand, and look for goodness in everyone with whom they come in contact; delegates willing to work for the rights of all people. Find and support delegates who “love one another, for God is of love.” Although Jesus said a lot about many things, Jesus said absolutely nothing about homosexuals. Jesus said over and over, again and again, love your enemies, love your neighbors, love one another. Choose love. Choose loving delegates.

Phyllis Newton
Conference Prison and Jail Ministry, Secretary
Conference Mission Resource Team
UMW President, Broadway UMC, a Reconciling Congregation