Spiritual Growth Retreat, April 17-18

United Methodist Women will hold the second Spiritual Growth Retreat April 17-18 at Don Hall’s Guesthouse in Fort Wayne. Pastor Corinne Boruff-Stucker’s theme, “Be Still and Know,” is based on Psalms 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” The registration form is available at www.inumc.org/spring15retreat.


Save the date for Friday, June 26, check-in 7 p.m. with session at 8 p.m., through Sunday, June 28, until 11:30 a.m.

Three persons from each district, two ages 14-40 and one over 40. (They would like this as a minimum number from each district.)

Registration information to follow.

Plans underway for Mission u

This year’s Mission u will be July 21-24, Sampler Day is Saturday July 25, at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind.

Scholarship deadline is April 15.

Children and youth scholarship application is available at www.inumc.org/youth15scholarship.

Women’s scholarship application for ages 18-40 and over 40 is available at www.inumc.org/women15scholarship. Flyer will soon be available at the www.inumc.org/UMW website.

This is the second year for the “Issue Study The Church and People with Disabilities” (Leaders: Jeanette Rayford-Harris and Nikki Combs). The intent of this study is to promote awareness, inclusion, accessibility and advocacy for people with disabilities. Disabilities can cross all lines of gender, orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic position, age and culture. People with typical bodies can be thought of as temporarily able-bodied, because disabilities can happen at any time to anyone.

The Spiritual Growth Study this year is “Created for Happiness: Understanding Your Life in God” (Leader: Vickie Newkirk). This study will help us define happiness in sacred and secular places so we can recognize it. We will also examine what the Bible has to say about happiness, gain a better understanding of how happiness affects us and the choices we make, and how to choose happiness in today’s society

This year’s Geographic Study is “Latin America: People and Faith” (Leaders: Pastor Serge Monperous, Shannon Priddy, Amy Sell and Margaret Dennis). This study will teach us about the history and the influence different religions and faith traditions have had on Latin America. We will also explore art, culture and contributions women have made in this region.