The Year End Reporting submission dates for the 2014 reporting year will be January 1-February 15, 2015. Blank forms are available from the GCFA website to use in preparing to submit your data online. (The site is not compatible with Internet Explorer 10.)

We recommend that you print and prepare the blank forms before logging into the website to submit, since the system times out after 30-45 minutes.

Your login is your Church ID number and your initial password is “password.” Once someone has logged into the system this password no longer works.

For those unfamiliar with the system, a menu is located on the right hand side. It contains a FAQ, as well as a User’s Guide that provides a walkthrough for entering your data.

Under ‘REPORTS’ is a report titled Printable Line Directions. This gives directions for every line on the report.

Important – The system does not accept anything other than 0-9. No decimals, no dollar signs and no commas.

To access the GCFA website and Year End Reports, you can go to then select the link on the right section and be redirected or go directly to

To request a paper copy of the forms, contact Carla Johnson at the Conference Center at 877/781-6706 or 317/924-1321.