The Indiana Conference Church Development team is pleased to offer The Creative Worship workshop to be led by award-winning facilitator, Jason Moore. This workshop is designed for all churches regardless of size or budget as it teaches timeless techniques and methodologies that your congregation can use to make big things happen in worship and beyond.

The day is a mix of practical philosophy and tips for developing and maturing your use of technology and digital imagery to communicate the gospel through powerful, transforming stories in worship.

As a participant, you will:

  • strategize and learn models for digital-age worship;
  • examine what makes certain images effective and others not;
  • experience first-hand the power of working in a team; and
  • leave with drawings and ideas for how to configure your technical setups.
This is not training just for techies, but for anyone who wants the screen to be a vital part of the worship experience. Whatever your level of media proficiency is as an individual or as a congregation, Moore helps you to understand the nature of digital ministry and how to use it best to communicate the gospel. This workshop was designed to be equally instructional for those wanting to take initial steps and those needing direction to re-ignite and flame their ministry efforts. The Creative Worship workshop is best experienced as a team with the other members of your worship and media design process or persons that have passion for this area of ministry.

Cost for the event is $25. The workshop is offered in two locations: