Blessings of Continued Faithfulness and More Fruitfulness!

The last 120 days has been exciting seeing and experiencing the various forms of ministry throughout the Indiana Conference. Traveling around the State of Indiana and interacting with so many leaders has provided a great opportunity to see how the vision of Discovering, Developing, and Deploying Fruitful Leaders will be realized over time in this place. One of the greatest highlights was meeting with the Leadership Development Team (a team of lay and clergy who have passion around leadership development) to begin working on a strategic plan of developing fruitful leaders, both lay and clergy.

The task in the group’s initial meeting was to begin defining what it means to be a fruitful leader in the Indiana Conference. During this discussion, the team took the Scriptural basis for the ministry, which is John 15:8, where the Gospel writer quotes Jesus, “My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples.” We began exploring the attributes and characteristics of fruitful leaders. A few responses included: Self- Awareness; Servant (Humility, Not Hardened); Vision; Loving your People; Passionate Followers; Influence; Develop Purpose; Empower; Anticipating Needs; Create Results; Risk-Taking; Courage; Faith; and Confidence.

Our challenge was to boil all of these great characteristics and attributes into a working definition of a fruitful leader. The definition created will become the litmus of Leadership Development’s work: A fruitful leader in the Indiana Conference is defined as: a passionate influencer that empowers others for intentional transformation.

It is my hope that this news will offer insights and information into the work of Leadership Development, inspiration as we discover fruitful leaders throughout the Indiana Conference, but also resources for continued fruitfulness. I look forward to this journey of fruitfulness!