Women from across Indiana, filled brick-shaped boxes with money to help build a Women’s Training Center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Together photo

… the women of the Indiana Conference pooled their money to help get the mortar…

When the Mission Discovery selected Friendly Planet Missiology for a 2014 mission experience for young adults, it seemed right for Mission Discovery to join forces with United Methodist Women of Indiana, since the mission project was to build a women’s training center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

As with all mission experiences, the project “cost” is shared by the visiting team. It was determined that the visiting team would need to invest at least $10,000 to make the project possible. The Indiana Conference Resource team was encouraged to help Indiana Mission Discovery with finding the funds for the project.

United Methodist Women (UMW) representative Jan Wilcox picked up the project and ran with it. She presented “Money for Mortar” to the UMW Mission Team in late summer 2013. The word began to circulate that “Money for Mortar” would help the women of Mulongo build a woman’s center with Mission u (held in late July at Greencastle) being the place where the money from units around the state would be gathered. (See story above.)

As soon as the women of the DRC heard about this project with a visit by some young UMW representatives, they quickly made 20,000 bricks for the center.

What makes this project even more special is the women are not part of the church council but they presented such a great plan for the woman’s center, then men on the council voted to give this project priority and move it forward. So this past month, the women of the Indiana Conference pooled their money to help get the mortar, a roof and hopefully, some of the materials to get the literacy program up and running.

As Mission u progressed, the amount grew and at the end of the event July 26, $10,063 was received. Presented with a challenge, the women really said “yes” to partnering with women in Mulongo, DRC.

United Methodist Women of Indiana look forward to sending another team of women to Mulongo, DRC, in a few years to celebrate a functioning facility where women work together in creating a place where women could gather and discover their gifts and talents, as well as the opportunity to read and write.