INDIANAPOLIS – Upon the recent transition of Shirley Dominick from her role as the district assistant of the Northwest District for the past 16 years into a new role with World Methodist Evangelism, the Rev. Christine Newman-Jacobs, Superintendent of the Northwest District, and the Rev. Larry Whitehead, Superintendent of the North District, are pleased to announce that Jan Fager will serve as the new Lead District Assistant for both districts, which became effective June 1, 2015.

This new model of ministry support is the direct result of consultation between the superintendents of each area, as well as collaboration with Dr. Cindy Reynolds to provide skill-based services to our districts without the limitation of geography. As this new model comes to fruition, other support positions may be sought out in the coming weeks to assist laity, clergy, congregations and superintendents of the North and Northwest districts.

Newman-Jacobs said, “as the Northwest District experiences a time of transition with our District Center staff, it is a pleasure to be working with Jan. It’s always an adventure to do something new, and I know God will bless this new relationship. God is already blessing it!”

As the transition continues, please update your contact information for the North and Northwest Districts as follows:
District Resource Centers
PO Box 878
Plymouth, IN 46563-0878
North District
877-781-6712 (toll-free)
Northwest District
877-781-6712 (toll-free)