INDIANAPOLIS – The United Methodist Foundation of Indiana, Inc., presented a new look and branding to the members of the 2015 Indiana Annual Conference.

The Foundation began working to revamp their marketing efforts in early 2014 with the adoption of “fueling the future of ministry” as their new vision or motto in support of the organization’s mission of leading Hoosier United Methodist’s into responsible stewardship for the future.

As a sister organization and partner of the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, the Foundation serves churches and members in the ministry of gift planning, investment services, endowments, grants and other financial wellness practices. Throughout the past few years, the Foundation has provided leadership through the creation of the Indiana Conference in transitioning between the Indiana Area United Methodist Foundation, the North Indiana United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Foundation of South Indiana. Through their work in the past years, the Foundation saw need to revision their logo to reflect their new identity that serves the entirety of Indiana.

The Foundation selected Miles Design as a creative partner to take the vision of the Board of Directors and turn it into reality. The new design presented at Annual Conference depicts a flame in three differing shades to represent the Foundation’s commitment to continue “fueling ministry for the future.”