Hillary Clinton

My, my, doesn’t every event have two sides! Together was so proud to flaunt “Saint” Hillary as the daughter of the church and UMW. And the women applauded and cheered when she declined to receive an honorarium. The Methodist Church and UMW are about as far north of the Bible as Hillary is liberal. So no wonder they fit so well. Are you so naive to not understand that her shared faith was just another political speech? Hillary intends to be the next president, and she excels in telling her audience what she thinks they want to hear, no matter if it is in direct conflict with her actions. Aren’t you so proud of Hillary when she is questioned about her role in Benghazi, and on TV she snarls “So we have four dead Americans, so what”?

What a God-send miracle, that on the same day we get the Together that the Evansville Courier has an editorial by Cal Thomas. After reading your article, I would have to assume that you think his article contains no truths.

I am a Methodist by family tradition, but certainly not proud to say I am one. And I expect that it won’t be long before the Methodist church votes to join the anti-Bible vocalists, and that is where we will part ways. In the meantime, I am enthused that our minister is a time tested moral Bible scholar, and is delighted to preach the Word.

I know you could care less about this letter, but the failure to act by the informed, is exactly what leads to the situation at hand, on which I speak. As the Methodist church continues to leave God behind, I feel it is just a matter of time when God will leave the Methodist church behind also.

Kenneth Schaaf
Dale, Ind.

Front page above the fold as they say in the newspaper business, is an article about former First Lady Hillary Clinton (Together, May-June 2014). In the piece it states about our First Lady, “She spoke of the ‘great witness’ of seeing her father kneel by his bed to pray every night. She also said her mother taught Sunday school and was committed to social justice issues. It was her grandmother, Hannah, “a tough Methodist woman” she said who “taught me to never be afraid to get your hands dirty.” How does a woman with such a religious immediate family, become the recipient of the 2009 Margaret Sanger Award (of Planned Parenthood Federation of America)? I wonder if her mother, father and grandmother would be abortion advocates also. What is that “social gospel” that Mrs. Clinton wants to take to the world?

Perhaps, the title of the article should be, “Former First Lady shares her desire for votes with UM Women.”

Nancy Whitaker
Delphi, Ind.