INDIANAPOLIS – Although there’s no reference to a “lay leader” in the Bible, Conference Lay Leaders Kayc Mykrantz and Ike Williams assured those attending the Indiana Conference Session that laity are vital to United Methodist congregations.

Williams stated, “The world out there needs some good friends like us.” The role of laity is to be a friend to Jesus, one another and to the world.

According to Mykrantz and Williams, there are seven billion people in the world, out of which two billion identify as Christians. Twelve million of those are members of The United Methodist Church with more than 50,000 being United Methodist clergy.

If it were only up to United Methodist clergy to tell the world about Jesus, they all would have to work around the clock.

Mykrantz and Williams stressed that this is where the laity come in. They spend most of their time out in the world where they are able to be agents of transformation in those settings.

They also addressed opportunities laity could take advantage of for further training, assistance and guidance to be effective leaders in the Indiana Conference.

Retiring Conference Lay Leaders Williams and Mykrantz