A church that looks in on itself gets sick. We have to look outward in order to be healthy.

INDIANAPOLIS – Archbishop Joseph Tobin of the Indianapolis Roman Catholic Archdiocese joined the Indiana Conference during Saturday’s prayer breakfast at the Indiana Convention Center to discuss being unified as one ecumenically.

Before Tobin delivered his remarks, the Rev. Matthew Landry of Winamac reminded attendees that in order to be the outwardly focused church, we must all be one.

Breakfast conversations were guided by questions inspired by quotations from Pope Francis.

Tobin commented on how moving to Indianapolis was an easy transition thanks to the “wonderful gift of ‘Hoosier Hospitality.’” Commenting on the annual conference’s theme, Tobin said that as believers, we are called to be an outwardly focused church. Our Hoosier Hospitality should extend beyond our church building’s walls.

Quoting Pope Francis, he said, “A church that looks in on itself gets sick. We have to look outward in order to be healthy.”

He continued by saying being an outwardly focused church is not a task that can always be done alone. Tobin believed it was crucial for the community of believers to come together for the greater good.

In regards to relationships between United Methodists and Catholics, Tobin reminded attendees that we “may disagree on other components” of our faith backgrounds, but “we agree on the most important thing of Christianity,” the everlasting life of Jesus Christ promised by the sacrifice on the cross.

Tobin asked for prayer for his conversion so his heart is working towards being more like Jesus’ heart and for our Catholic brothers and sisters so they may not face inward, but focus on Jesus.