INDIANAPOLIS – A record number of retirees were honored the afternoon of May 30 during the Indiana Annual Conference Session at the Indiana Convention Center. The names of retirees and years of service include: John D. Abbott, Jr., 20; Philip Amerson, 46; Paul Arnold, 42; Daniel Baney, 36; Paul Bay, 23; Michael Beck, 31; Faye Bilskie, 15; Ted Blosser, 42; Herbert Buwalda, 43; Louie Stephen Cain, 40; Norman W. Campbell, 22; Norman Chaney, 53; Bill (William M.) Clark, 5; Victoria Clem, 7; James W. Dwyer, 46; Ida Easley, 31; James Fookes, 37.5; Daniel R. Gangler, 38; Janeen Gill, 25; Brenda Ginder, 20; Edgar Gladish, 23; Lonny R. Goen, 28; Allen A. Goetcheus, 49; Peggy Good, 30; Milton Gould, 45; Sandy Harlan, 16; Michael R. Harris, 39; Kent B. Harting, 12.5; Marianne Hawkins, 14; Michael Hayden, 29; David Holling, 37.5; James Hoppus, 20; Gilbert Hubbard, 40; Barry L. Humble, 35; David H. Ison, 22; Patrick Jackson, 23; Lenne L. Keithley, 20; Leonard L. King, 42; Barbara LaVeck, 2; William LaVeck, 6; Linda Lawler, 22.5; Paula Young Mayberry, 35; Dennis N. McLain, 45; Rick Miller, 30; Jon Myers, 12; Karen Ottjes, 24; Karen Powell, 16; Mark A. Powell, 22; Don Ransford, 20; Stephen Rasmussen, 37; P. Allen Relford, 12; Nancy Richmond, 15; Glenda Riggs, 16; Greg Rittenhouse, 30; Jack Scott, 29.5; Joseph Smith, 38; Delbert Stoll, 16; Barbara Taylor Clodfelter, 13; Ron Verlee, 44; Donald Wadkins, 7; Roger Ward, 16; Stephen E. Whitehead, 53; Dennis C. Zetterberg, 40. Sixty-three retirees with a total of 1,748 collective years of service.

Front row: (l-r) Tom Lawler, Linda Lawler, Jane Hubbard, Gilbert Hubbard and Ava Gould

Second row: (l-r) Bill Clark, Paula Young Mayberry, Nancy Richmond, Marjore King, Leonard King and Milton Gould

Third row: (l-r) Greg Rittenhouse, Lorelei Verlee, Diane Humble, Ron Verlee, Victoria Clem, Faye Bilskie and Glenda Riggs

Back row: (l-r) Philip Amerson, Elaine Amerson, Barry L. Humble, Don Ransford, Jennifer Ransford, Ben Clem, Lee Anne Buwalda, James W. Dwyer and Herbert Buwalda

Front row: (l-r) Enid Gangler, Daniel R. Gangler, Jack Scott, Martha Scott, Stephen Rasmussen, Becky Rasmussen, Lynn Blosser and Ted Blosser

Second row: (l-r) Mark A. Powell, Kathleen Powell, Karen Powell, Veneda Keithley and Lenne L. Keithley

Third row: (l-r) Michael R. Harris, Barbara Harris, Sandy Harlan, Carolyn Harting, Linda Jackson and Patrick Jackson

Back row: (l-r) Mickey Beck, Michael Beck, JoAnn Arnold, Paul Arnold, Kent B. Harting, Jim Ottjes and Karen Ottjes