In case you missed the Rev. Bob Farr’s two-hour presentation at the recent Indiana Annual Conference Session in Indianapolis, you can catch a glimpse of his urgency for the church, your church, in his book Renovate or Die: Ten Ways to Focus Your Church on Mission from Abingdon Press available through

Farr says that many local churches in the 21st century need a major overhaul or renovation, not just redecorating and rearranging structure. Many churches are comfortable with who and what they are, but are slowly dying – and will eventually die, if they don’t take drastic measures to reinvent who and what they are in this highly secular society.

A key word for Farr is “mission.” Is your church a missional church reaching out to meet the needs of your neighborhood and community? If not, death may be around the corner.

With straightforward language and practical tips, this book will inspire and help you organize your local church for new life on your mission field. Farr outlines ten ways to renovate a congregation beginning with the pastor, understanding reality, by getting the basics right, creating momentum, inspiring through worship, thinking strategically, staffing for leadership, providing clear steps to disciples, networking and simplifying the church’s structure.

Farr asserts that to change the world, we must first change the church. As Adam Hamilton says in the Foreword, “Read [this book] carefully with other leaders in your church. … You’ll soon discover both a desire to renovate your church and the tools to effectively lead your church forward.”