INDIANAPOLIS – More than 600 youth and 70 adult volunteers participated in the 2014 Love Rocks Bishop’s Youth Rally, Saturday, March 8 at First United Methodist Church in Noblesville. Featured artists included Gracie Schram, 737, Matt McCoy and Moriah Peters. As usual, Indiana Bishop Mike Coyner answered questions put to him by the participants. IU or Purdue? “My wife and I met at Purdue and have been married 44 years,” Coyner responded.

The second question was about marriage and homosexuality. Coyner said he affirmed the church’s position on marriage between one man and one woman, but said we also need to uphold the civil rights of all people, including gays and lesbians. Government doesn’t need to tell people what to do in regards to marriage. There needs to be a separation between church and state.

On a question about how to be close to God: Coyner said we need to pray daily, read the Bible and talk with other Christians about being drawn closer to God. He said, “at the end of a day, I journal and pray about the day.” He also said he was in a covenant group with other bishops. “We prayerfully read Scripture.”

He closed with good words about United Methodist-related Africa University in Zimbabwe, Africa. He sees in the university the future of Africa as it trains the future leaders of Africa. He also commented on Sierra Leone, where he had spent the previous week, and the importance of education which Hoosiers provide through Operation Classroom, where we help ten schools that have 80 kids to a classroom. “Education is key,” he said.

Together photo

Two young adults interview Bishop Coyner during a Q&A session at rally.