INDIANAPOLIS – The Rev. Dr. Adolf Hansen, resident theologian of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis and retired clergy member of the Indiana Conference, recently told the Indiana Conference Center staff during Tuesday devotions that his new book Three Simple Truths: experiencing them in our lives was forty years in the making.

More than a simple self-help book or a memoir chronicling Hansen’s spiritual journey, The Simple Truths weaves firsthand inspirational accounts, insightful reflections on humankind’s fundamental realities and in-depth examinations of Biblical texts.

Three Simple Truths speaks to the life-changing effects of experiencing God’s steadfast love over and over again. As one might expect, the book is composed of three chapters, each a truth. They include: God is Good, All the Time; God Works for Good, In Everything; and Trust God, No Matter What. Once Hansen defines the truth, he then reflects on it from life experience, Scripture and theologically.

The book is a simple and rapid read, however questions, practices, prayers and music help the reader to slow down and reflect upon each of the three truths. The book would make an excellent three to five week study session for classes, groups and retreats. Each member of the annual conference session will receive a complimentary copy of Three Simple Truths.

For those that don’t know Hansen, now retired, is a former vice-president of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill. He is a graduate of Taylor University and New York Theological Seminary and received a PhD degree for Northwestern University in Evanston. To learn more about him, visit

The book is available from,, and