Seven Levers: Missional Strategies for Conferences by Bishop Robert Schnase will be an important book for our denomination.

The judicatory system is one of The United Methodist Church’s most unique and distinctive characteristics. Our conferences form a vital role in that connection, and are in many ways a gift to the church.

Seven Levers explores conferences in operational terms, examining what they do, how they work, their limitations and possibilities. What works, what doesn’t and why? What strategies foster more relevant and effective connectionalism, and how do we make contextual changes, so that we are ever more focused on our mission, and more effective in fulfilling it? This book is not a one-size-fits-all template, but a catalyst for learning, experimentation and response.

According to the Rev. Doug Anderson, Associate Director of Church Development, Indiana Conference, “Seven Levers charts a clear and compelling course for annual conferences and other judicatories to transform their congregations as missional outposts. For far too long, annual conferences have managed institutional decline rather than led transformational change. Seven Levers gives hope to conferences ready for a new day.”

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