INDIANAPOLIS – The process of loaning media to Indiana United Methodist congregations will end June 2013. The conference Leadership Table reviewed a report of use and expense items related to the media center and affirmed a recommendation to discontinue the center after this program cycle that covers Lent, Easter and summer events that typically use resources from the center.

The fall meeting of the Leadership Table, a group composed of chairpersons and conveners of conference committees, heard a report of declining use, limited budget, the lack of new materials, and the cost ratio of the “free service” the center provided to individuals. After that report they voted to accept the recommendation to discontinue.

A number of factors contributed to the current situation, but largely use declined because of more affordable materials available for purchase or resources available online at no charge. The center provided materials at no charge, except local churches were required to pay return postage.

Dr. Jim Bushfield, Director of Connectional Ministries, expressed great appreciation to Gail Haglund, the current media center coordinator, and to the Sunnycrest United Methodist Church in Marion that provided space to operate the center as an expression of their ministry to the churches of our annual conference. The resources currently in the library will be released to churches as they are scheduled between now and Annual Conference Session. Gail’s goal is to find a home where the materials will continue to be used in ministry.

To reserve material, visit the Media Center website at