By Michael Warner
Clergy Care Services Director

In a popular TV commercial, Samuel L. Jackson asks, “what’s in your wallet?” Perhaps a more fruitful question for those who serve the Indiana Conference is, “what’s in your toolkit?”… a toolkit for self-care and care of colleagues.

One great location to expand our toolkit is An absolute goldmine of assistance and personal resources!” That is what our Conference colleagues are saying about Live and Work Well.

When you explore the site you will find resources under the categories of “Live Well”, “Be Well” and “Work Well”. For example, perhaps you want information regarding:

  • locating a credentialed counselor or clinician in your area;
  • strengthening relationships;
  • retirement planning or considering a major life change;
  • financial planning;
  • tracking and maintaining health;
  • coping with adversity and discovering resilience in challenging times;
  • aging parents and eldercare;
  • effective parenting or raising special needs children;
  • making a good transition in your next appointment or in life;

This resource is available at no cost, along with dozens of other tools.

Sponsored by the United Methodist General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits, the self-description states; “Enhance your positive mental health, resiliency and worklife balance. We provide confidential access to professional care, self-help programs, interactive tools and educational resources to help with life’s changes and challenges.”

So, what’s in your toolkit?

If you would like to learn more or want to connect with Clergy Care Services, please contact Rev. Michael Warner at 317-550-5406 or via email at … because “sometimes we all need a friend to listen.”