Peace with Justice Sunday is May 31. Please help support more viable justice ministries throughout Indiana and the world.

As Peace with Justice Sunday, May 31, approaches the Indiana Conference Social Advocacy Team is pleased to celebrate the recipients of the 2014 Peace with Justice grants. A total of $5,000 in grants was awarded to ministries working for justice and reconciliation this year from generous gifts from our churches in 2013 and 2012. Four ministries in Indiana were chosen for their work to change or address the root problems of injustice.

North UMC was selected to receive $750 to support their recently formed Justice Advocacy Team. The team is working on building a partnership with Vida Nueva in an effort to invite open discussion on immigration reform, as well as planning a walk against gun violence.

The Lebanon Community of Shalom received $1,250 in support of their hot meals program. In addition to serving meals, the group works to raise awareness of the community’s food needs and insecurities. They are partnering with over 40 churches, non-profits and volunteer organizations to do ministry within the community to end hunger in Boone County.

Calvary UMC in Brownsburg, Ind., was awarded $1,000 to support an event featuring Eva Kor, holocaust survivor. In November 2014, Eva shared a presentation titled Forgiveness is a Seed for Peace. This event was free and open to the public in order to create opportunity for dialogue and action around justice, genocide, anti-Semitism, forgiveness and peacemaking.

The Barnes Community Center, a ministry of Barnes UMC in Indianapolis, received a $2,000 grant in support of a walk against gun violence. The event raised awareness in the community, while proceeds from the event will support the community center’s work to provide a safe haven for youth to learn, exercise and build relationships.

The Indiana Conference Social Advocacy Team would like to thank and encourage all churches across Indiana to celebrate the 2015 Peace with Justice Sunday coming May 31, which allows great ministries of healing, justice, peace and reconciliation to happen here in Indiana and around the world. To learn more about Peace with Justice Sunday, please visit