You are never too young

Yes, I'm a dreamer, but can you imagine with me?

By Mac Hamon While the theology of John Lennon's song Imagine is something with which I struggle, he thinks outside the box, and says he is not the only one. Contrary to Lennon's lyrics, I want to imagine that religion can be a source of hope, peace, and reconciliation. I may be naive, but...

Bishop Coyner names Campaign Committee

The 2015 Session of the Indiana Conference unanimously approved a proposal from the Camping Board, the Feasibility Study Task Force, and the Council on Finance and Administration (CFA) to launch a $6 million campaign to build a new Discipleship Center at Epworth Forest, along with ...

Elections and Plenary Session: Wednesday, June 13

UPDATE: A complete list of the election results for Wednesday, June 13 are located at the bottom of this page.  Frontrunners emerge during balloting, delegates make several key decisions   By Christa Meland, Minnesota Conference   PEORIA, Illinois—Two ballots down, but no election yet.   ...

Not the typical candidate

Sharon Washington
On May 13, I was driving from Indianapolis when I noticed a billboard on I-65, just south of the Columbus exit. It featured the face of a hopeful, young African American woman and words so large they only took seconds to read, “The best candidate is not always the typical candidate.” I was...

Ordinary Time: Love Wins

Ordinary Time: Love Wins

By James Howell Friday’s Supreme Court decision was cheered by many, and rainbow flags flew everywhere. Others were grieved - and that was just out there in the culture. Within the church, we sensed a similar variance of emotion over the decision. The Supreme Court establishes the law of...

Service of Remembrance & Holy Communion

During the Service of Remembrance we paused to remember those who have faithfully labored with us but are no longer in our midst. While the names were read family members of the deceased stood in their honor as each name and photo appeared on the conference screen. A candle on stage was ...

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