Missions - Get Involved




In Bishop Coyner’s recent Epistle he laid out ways we can help with the recent disasters. First is prayer, second is give money, and the third is lend a hand when invited to do so.  

We are all doing the first one.  

Here is a plan for the 2nd one…

How about helping Midwest Mission Distribution Center restock their shelves with the Cleaning Buckets?  They have distributed ALL of their cleaning buckets in the past two weeks (over 4,000 buckets!) to help with the flood cleanup in Baldwin, LA. Their shelves are empty and need to be restocked quickly. So here is our plan:


  • Get a 5 gallon bucket and offer to your congregation the opportunity to put “bucks” in the “bucket”

  • Send money to MMDC to buy cleaning supplies at wholesale cost.   Their volunteers will assemble them according to the specifications.  A filled bucket has a value of $65. 

  • Click here for a poster for use in your church to focus on the need to replenish the cleaning supplies for MMDC in the Bucks for Buckets campaign.

  • Sometime between now and the end of September, send your donation directly to MMDC, PO Box 56, Chatham. IL, 62629.


As for giving a helping hand to the local disasters (South Bend and Kokomo) please watch the Indiana Conference website for opportunities. Do not just show up.  The Disaster Response leadership will post the specifics for interested in volunteering when those handling volunteers are ready to receive them.