Local Church Discipleship

Back to Basics

Join us as we rediscover the love that stared it all.

Back to Basics is a movement focusing on the most foundational principles of our faith. It’s time to reclaim the simplicity of Christ and find the beautiful complexity of being a disciple.

Each Back to Basics Conference will be an all day Saturday event unique to each district, and will introduce keynote speakers and break out sessions that help answer the question: What is your next step to be a church that connects people to Jesus?

These conferences will focus on faith development for all ages and stages of spiritual maturity. Any size church will benefit.

Coffee Chats
Learn, share, and connect in conversation, discovering new ways to inspire growing relationship with God in the local church. Check the website for dates, locations, and to RSVP.

Online Resources
Practical, easy-to-use resources and ideas are available for your church on the website to help in all areas of discipleship.

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Associate Director -
Local Church Discipleship

 Ann Handschu



Ph 812.841.2803

Indiana Conference of 
The United Methodist Church
301 Pennsylvania Parkway
Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46280