Leadership Team

District Superintendent - Beverly Perry
Associate District Superintendent/District Assistant:  Becky Huff-Cook
Lay Leader -  Harry Lyness
Committee on Ministry Chair - Sandy Cooper
Church Location & Building Chair - Mike Dixon
United Methodist Women President - Mitza Durham
Director of Lay Speaking - P.T. Wilson

VIM Response Coordinator - Harry Lyness
ERT Coordinator - Steve Ferdon

Board of Church Location & Building

Chair:  Mike Dixon
Class of 2016:  Arlen Packard, Jim LaFollette
Class of 2017:  Donald Griffin, David Cart
Class of 2018:  Jason Hyer, Jim Fleming, Mike Dixon

Committee on Ministry
Chair:  Sandy Cooper
Registrar:  Jan Dimick
District lay leader:  Harry Lyness
Members:  Bob Cannon, Mary Wilder Cartwright, Beth Ann Cook, Larry Dimick, Mike Dixon, Ted Hamrick, Sean Johnson, Nancy Nichols, Steve Russell, P.T. Wilson, Laura Apostol, Mark Fenstermacher, Bob Pimlott, Judy Love
Wesley Foundation at Indiana University, Inc. - Board of Trustees
Class of 2016:  Keith Dayton (Bloomington First)
Class of 2017:  Mary Beth Morgan (Bloomington St. Mark's)
Class of 2018:  Sean Johnson (Edinburgh)
Ex Officio:  District Superintendent