Leadership Table

  Chair, Leadership Team
G. Thomas Jones Chair, Committee of Church Location and Building
Karen Bray Chair, District Committee on Ministry
Martha Farney President, United Methodist Women
Ken Hudgins President, United Methodist Men
  MORE Team
Jim Toole Strategy Committee
  Order of Elders
  Order of Deacons
 Pete Ward Order of Local Pastors
Connie Ellefson Finance Member
Jane Harper-Alport Co-Lay Leader, West
  Co-Lay Leader, Central
Kraig Allen Co-Lay Leader, East
Denise Parker Lay Servant Ministries Coordinator
Bonnie Albert Volunteers in Mission
Lennie Hawkins Prayer/Spiritual Life
Carol Goodrich Youth/Young Adult
Roy Hamilton At Large
Darryl Thomas At Large
Larry Whitehead District Superintendent
Vickie Van Nevel Associate District Superintendent
Norm Glassburn Associate District Superintendent
Paul Arnold

Associate District Superintendent

For the Ministry Team Report to the Leadership Table, click here.  This report is to be completed by team leaders or chairpersons and emailed to north.district@inumc.org one week prior to Leadership Table meetings.  The district assistant will prepare a file to be emailed to the Leadership Table for review, no later than 3 days prior to Table meetings.