Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation

Lay Leader/Lay Member
Connecting Your Congregation and Your Annual Conference

Guidlines for Lay Leader Lay MemberThe Lay Leader and Lay Member to Annual Conference are key roles in linking the vision and plan of the congregation with the ministry of the Annual conference and in nurturing cooperation and coordination of the pastor and congregation in leadership. These two roles are complementary, yet there are responsibilities unique to each role. The greatest distinction is the connections they forge with and on behalf of the congregation. The lay leader has a primary focus in linking the local church and community. The lay member of annual conference has a primary focus in linking the local church to the connectional United Methodist Church and God’s worldwide church. Here is a guide which will be very helpful to each Lay Member of the Indiana Annual Conference as he or she prepares for the 2013 Indiana Annual Conference Session in Indianapolis June 6-8. Order here from Cokesbury.