Guidelines for Distributing Indiana West District UMC Mission Funds

 Guidelines for Distributing Indiana West District UMC Mission Funds


Eligibility Criteria for receiving funding from the Indiana West UMC District Mission Fund

1. Applicant shall represent a church or cluster within the Indiana West District of the United Methodist Church.

2. Application shall be approved by the Missions Committee and Administrative Board or Leadership Team of the requesting church or cluster.   

3. Requests will reflect the desire of The United Methodist Church to be the hands and feet of Christ to the world.

4. Churches and Clusters may submit 2 requests for funds annually.



Availability of Monetary Funds for Mission Projects


1. The Indiana West District UMC shall provide up to $ 5,000.00 annually to for mission projects.

2. Individual awards are not to exceed $1,500.00.

3. Written application for funds should be submitted to the District Office at least 4 weeks prior to the need for funding.

4. The available funds will be disbursed to those who meet the eligibility requirements of the fund after review by the District Superintendent and Missions Coordinator. 

5. A follow-up report describing the project shall be submitted to the District Missions Coordinator within 30 days following completion.