Greeting cards by children -- deadline May 10

Greeting cards by children needed for annual conference session

The 2013 Indiana Annual Conference Session Implementation Team invites children to be involved in each of our districts across the state by having them create greeting cards to welcome each member to the Indiana Annual Conference Session, June 6-8. This card project is also a way to teach our children about this important annual event in our conference and to hear their thoughts on our theme for this year – “Transform the World: Be A World Changer.”

The Implementation Team asks your cluster to help children in your churches create cards to welcome and to thank those who attend the session for their service for the church of Jesus Christ in Indiana. Their cards can reflect through their drawings and words their understanding of what it means to transform and change the world so that it will be a better place for people to live in God’s eyes.

The greeting cards will be placed in the registration packets of those attending the conference session. Any extra cards will be distributed at events during the annual conference session. Annual Conference members were really touched by the cards they received last year.

To make the cards, please use these guidelines:

  • Use full or half sheets of 8.5" x 11" card stock paper (any color).
  • Drawings and words on the outside and inside would reflect the theme “Transform the World: Be A World Changer.”
  • On the front: Welcome to the 2013 Indiana Annual Conference Session.
  • On the inside: Thank you for serving plus any other messages that may be appropriate for the theme.
  • Sign with first name only, name of church and city.

Please mail or deliver the cards by Friday, May 10 to:

Indiana Conference Center UMC
c/o Ruth Ellen Needler
301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46280

Thank you for your ministry with God’s children and for helping to make the people who give their time to participate in this annual conference session feel extra special and loved by others in the church. If you have questions, please contact