Grant Applications

The North District Leadership Table has established policies which govern the use of reserve funds held for congregational development and new ministry development in congregations, clusters and the North District.  These funds have been received from the sale of property and from accounts held by former districts. 

Use of these funds shall include: 

a.       New ministries in local congregations including capital improvements and new outreach  efforts and ministries
b.       New ministries in the district directed at reaching new population groups
c.       New ministries in clusters that may include educational opportunities and outreach  efforts and ministries. These shall be matching grants.

The funds may be offered as:

a.       Matching Grants
b.      Loans to be repaid with or without interest
                                                               i.      That cannot be covered by other institutions
                                                             ii.      Short term bridge loans to be paid back
                                                            iii.      Written and signed documentation is required
c.       Grants not to be repaid

The process to securing funds:

a.       Request in writing to the leadership table using the appropriate application forms 
                                                               i.      Include a description of the project and the focus of the ministry including who is responsible for the project and
                                                             ii.      Include cost of total project showing how others are contributing to the project
                                                            iii.      Include the goal expressing how this will reach new people for Jesus Christ or increase the effectiveness of the local congregation or district ministry to make disciples and transform communities
                                                           iv.      A report back is required as to the effectiveness of the ministry within 30 days of the event
b.      For amounts greater than $10,000, a presentation to the Leadership Table or representative group of not fewer than 4 people from the Leadership Table by the group requesting funds. A full vote of the Leadership Table.
c.       For amount less than $5000, a vote by the Leadership Table after receiving the proposal in writing.

                 For the Local Congregation New Ministry Grant Application, click here.

                   For the Cluster New Ministry Grant Application, click here.