Hagerstown Youth welcome summer by feeding the hungry


Hagerstown First UMC has a monthly mobile food pantry event through a partnership with Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana and the local township trustees office. On May 24, members of the Hagerstown community and neighbors from around the local community volunteered to pass out food to residents seeking nutritional assistance. 

What made this glory sighting truly unique was the attendance of many of the church youth who were now in their first day of summer break. Instead of enjoying typical summer break activities, the youth leveraged an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ to the hungry, marginalized, and at times, unseen throughout their community. As the Indiana Conference strives to be fully missional by the year 2020, Hagerstown youth are a refreshing reminder that being fully missional requires insight and collaboration across spectrums, especially from our young men and women. 

“One of the powerful moments was that I never saw them (youth) on their smartphones, or distracted in any way. Their focus was constantly on helping others,” said Rev. John Huff, pastor at Hagerstown UMC.

Residents receiving assistance were moved by the youths' presence and activism. When residents learned that youth had devoted their time to help out those in need on their first day of summer vacation the crowd applauded and some were even moved to tears. As they received their food items, residents expressed thanks to the young men and women for their volunteerism.

Members of the Indiana Conference gathered last week to celebrate the accomplishments of the Church, worship together, network, and manage the business of the Church, under the guiding theme of See All the People. The youth at Hagerstown UMC are a living example of not just seeing, but reaching out and touching all of God’s children in their own neighborhood. 

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