Bishop Mike Coyner Celebrates Thompson's Chapel UMC's 200th Anniversary


Bishop Mike Coyner had the pleasure of worshipping with the congregation of Thompson’s Chapel United Methodist Church on Sunday, April 24, in Harrison County, Indiana, as they reigned in their 200th anniversary of being a chartered United Methodist parish. Bishop Coyner presented pastor Jerry Swarens with an official certificate commemorating the church for achieving this significant milestone. 

Founded in 1816, the beauty and strength of Thompson’s Chapel UMC lives in its stature as a small community church, a symbol of solace and strength for any and all who walk through its doors. Bishop Mike commended the church’s outreach efforts by stating, “I was pleased to find an historic church which was also engaged in ministry to the children of the community and very future-oriented.” Bishop regarded Thompson’s Chapel as not being old, but in fact, new. 



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