University of Evansville team travels to Mission Guatemala


This past week, Mission Guatemala welcomed a group of students and faculty from the University of Evansville to Guatemala. The group made the trip as part of a multi-disciplinary program offered by the University that combines students and faculty members from various departments including Public Health, Nursing and Business. The program is part of the University’s Institute for Global Enterprise in Indiana and is designed to prepare students to contribute and succeed in a global economy. Before traveling to Guatemala, the group met regularly on campus and also had a chance to meet with Mission Guatemala Executive Director, Tom Heaton, to learn more about Mission Guatemala and the challenges faced.

During the visit, the students and faculty concentrated their efforts on formulating new ideas to improve several processes at the medical clinic, including how the pharmacy inventories medication and how medical records are managed. Additionally, the group had the opportunity to participate in the “Como Saludable” lunch program that currently provides a healthy meal twice a month to over 1,000 students in all of the communities served. The group also spent time at the Tat Loy Rehabilitation Center in San Lucas Tolimán, and finished off the week with a tour of the public hospital in Solola in order to better understand the issues faced by the public health system in Guatemala.

Mission Guatemala is extremely grateful for the continued partnership with the University of Evansville and for the fellowship and insight of the faculty and students this week!

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