‘Sunday Night Live’ welcomes neighbors


In October, we held our second Points of Light event which we call “Sunday Night Live.” The event was an opportunity for the people who live around our downtown location to come and meet our congregation. We provide free food, music and games along with fellowship. We enjoyed hot chocolate, soft drinks, pizza and dessert with music by two of our own musicians, all staged on our parking lot.

Kevin Bastian and Kate McCollough provided acoustic guitar and dulcimer music during the meal, which had an Appalachian-like feel. Then we gathered around a “campfire”, which was confined to a fire bowl, and sang camp songs lead by Pastor Hurley and several others from the congregation. Kevin accompanied on the guitar. All of the 55 people attending were very pleased with the event and voiced positive comments. About 10 people were from outside of our church.

Our next event will be moved inside where we will have chili, dessert and play games. Perhaps a bit of karaoke will be included as well.

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