‘Let’s Talk’ proves to be a helpful project


L to r: Alex Dibartolina, Jessa Dickey, Conner Jones;
Tiffany Osuma, Marcus Vicks, Jo Sullivan,
Elizabeth Harris, Neetra Dibartolini

Mt. Comfort United Methodist Church’s “Let’s Talk” proved to be a helpful project for 30-40 children, youth and adults. The project was based upon the need to improve communication between children and their parents.

This six-session experience included the following topics: “How Do I Fit In,” “How to Handle Bullying,” “What Does the Bible Say about Anger,” “How Does Discipline Work For Your Family,” “ What Are Your Expectations of Each Other” and “What about Our Emotions.”

During each hourly session, the youth and children worked independently from the adults for about 45 minutes. For the last 15 minutes the groups worked together. In addition, a list of discussion questions, one for each day, was given to both parents and children to discuss.

The project placed the adults and children on more of a common ground and opened up the need to talk to each other about sensitive topics more often. The program author and director of “Let’s Talk” was Rev. Bob Miller, a retired Elder who attends Mt. Comfort UMC.

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