Ecumenical Prayers for Peace


In the midst of a terribly violent year, the SCII cluster in Indianapolis (Abundant Harvest, Bethel, Broad Ripple, Church of the Saviour, Horizons of Faith, Meridian Street, Union Chapel, & University UMCs) conceived an interfaith prayers for peace event. In addition to the cluster leadership team, they called together representatives from neighbor congregations in other traditions to plan the event for the entire faith community in our part of the city.

In mid-September, 75 people of faith of all ages representing at least 17 congregations from at least six different faith traditions (UM, Muslim, Episcopalian, Evangelical, Unitarian, and Spiritualist) gathered in Broad Ripple Park to lament violence in our community, proclaim peace by creating lawn signs with words and images of peace, and be commissioned as peacemakers.

This was the result of our cluster leaders expanding their vision – instead of a prayer walk for members of our congregations, we planned an interfaith gathering for prayers for peace for all of Washington Township. In the process, a new ecumenical coalition of clergy has been formed, with the commitment to continue working together for the good of our whole community.

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