Pastor gets buzzed for missions


The Rev. Craig Duke, pastor of Fort Wayne Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, challenged his congregation to raise $1,000 above the goal raised with their annual golf outing. Not only was the golf outing a huge success, but the funds raised exceeded their goal. Between services on Sunday morning, Pastor Craig, who normally wears his hair long enough to cover his ears, was given a buzz haircut in the sanctuary under the scrutiny of many watchful eyes. It was a wonderful fun event! The kids laughed with joy as his hair hit the floor and he looked on with dismay. Proceeds from the golf outing and haircut continue to support Madina Village School in Sierra Leone. Our many thanks go out to the golfers, supporters and our own Pastor Craig for his willingness to shed his locks for a good cause. For more information about this mission, visit the Madina Village School website.

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