Pastor: Mizo congregation in Greenwood is vibrant community


GREENWOOD, Ind. – The Mizo (Burnese) congregation meeting at the Greenwood UMC during the past 16 months has grown from 38 worshipers to 125 worshipers and is a very vibrant community. One of the highlights for Greenwood Pastor In Suk Peebles is baptizing infants. The dynamic make-up of this young congregation – mostly 40 years old and under with lots of children and young married women – is quite different than the congregation is used to experiencing. There are many young singles that are away from their own kin in Burma and Malaysia. They sacrifice their own financial resources to help each other, especially the unemployed upon arrival to Indianapolis. Within three months of arrival from Malaysia, at least one adult in each household is employed (mostly minimum wage jobs) with no proper English, give tithe to pay the pastor and other related expenses. It is an amazing group of Christians. District Superintendent Bert Kite, Associate DS Bob Coleman and Metro-Ministries’ Lisa Morris provide needed resources and extra attention for GUMC/Mizo for which the church is very grateful. – Shared by Greenwood Pastor In Suk Peebles

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