Howe pastor sees God at work in giving towards member’s seminary education


HOWE, Ind. – The Rev. Jean Ness of Cromwell, Ind., pastor of Howe and Pretty Prairie United Methodist Churches in the Northeast District, shared a Glory Sighting about a member at Howe named Whitney, who is a student on course to become a deacon attending United Methodist-related Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ind. She said that Whitney had contacted her in early February saying that if her church could raise $1,000 by March 1, she could receive a matching $1,000 from the denomination and another $1,000 from Garrett-Evangelical resulting in a $3,000 total for her education. Ness said she had a dream on a Saturday night about how to raise the $1,000. She said, “God gave me a plan. (I don’t usually say that, but this thing came so fully formed that I feel it had to be God.)” The next day, she shared with her church council the plan asking them for the first $500. During the service, Ness gave her own $100 and challenged the congregation to follow her lead. Following the service she asked the council, “How much more do we need – $100?” The council replied, “Zero dollars!” To this Glory Sighting, Ness responded to her District Superintendent Dave Michel, “We raised $1,000 for Whitney in no time flat. So the check was cut on Monday and Whitney will have $3,000 to help finish her education. God can do things that we doubt are possible – if only we believe!”

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