St. Luke's seves post-Thanksgiving meal to Richmond Hills residents


INDIANAPOLIS – Al Dalton, St. Luke’s member and dedicated mission volunteer, organized a dinner to feed survivor residents on the south side of Indianapolis, whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the explosion that rocked the entire Richmond Hills subdivision Nov. 10. The meal was served Friday, Nov. 23 at Southport Presbyterian. More than 200 residents came to eat and fellowship with one another and with those from St. Luke’s. Al shares the experience he and his wife, Kathy, had with a young wife and mother whose home is likely going to be demolished because of the explosion. “‘You have until the 20th of next month to have your house repaired by your insurance company, or we are going to tear it down!’ What do you do with that information when it is addressed to you?” Dalton asks. “Just like that she is homeless and will probably be that way for awhile. Yet she did not seem upset with her new lifestyle,” Dalton says. “She said her father had told her that she had lived in an apartment before and can do it again. She, her husband and their two little boys are uninjured, and that makes her very grateful. This young lady was completely at peace with a situation that would make many of us just plain angry. How is that possible? She told us that her faith is in God and that things would work out for the best. On some level all Christians know this to be true,” Dalton continues, “but many of us are never put to a test this extreme.”

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