Measuring a successful Vacation Bible School at Saratoga UMC


SARATOGA, Ind. – Vacation Bible School (VBS) was a fruitful event for our congregation this year. While the director was nervous in the beginning stages of planning, we ended up having double the volunteers we needed. Many volunteers invited friends outside of the church to help with their job. One volunteer was invited by a friend in our congregation, and her last Sunday of VBS was her first Sunday in worship. Youth, new to our church, and some that hardly attended were serving all week, and that isn’t even including the children whom we served. Only a handful attends our church regularly. One mother said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! All week I have heard, ‘is it 5:30 yet?’” Those are kids finding the Bible exciting and finding people who care about them in the church. That is the good news being preached in Saratoga.

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